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Our clients choose from a variety of loan programs, including your choice of conventional, FHA, or VA loans. Dallas and Fort Worth-area clients trust DFW Mortgage Advisors to help them to make the best choice for their property purchase. DFW Mortgage Advisors has the tools to connect you with your best property financing option.

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Pre-qualification makes buying easier

Each loan program has specific terms to be discussed after your initial application. Most begin by analyzing your debt-to-income ratio to make sure you can afford the monthly payments associated with the terms of that particular program. Our loan officers will assess your details and match them with the program that best fits your current status and long-term goals. Our goal is to find the best option with the lowest mortgage interest rate available for each client, based on their specific situation.

A quick process...

Once your initial consultation and application are complete, the journey to homeownership through the appropriate mortgage program is relatively quick. Our mortgage brokers work with our clients and lenders to streamline the mortgage process.

Real estate markets move quickly, and potential buyers don’t know how long a property may be available. Take the time to research your budget and obtain program pre-approval so that you’re ready to make a confident offer when you find the perfect property.


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